The Hottest Show In Orlando – La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil

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If you haven’t seen a Cirque du Soleil show, you my friend are missing out.  I first saw La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil about eight years ago.  Professional conferences are typically held in large cities with lots of tourist attractions.  That year, the conference I was attending happened to be in Orlando.  I had never been to Orlando before and only associated it with Disney World.  Knowing we didn’t have time to attend the parks, I figured my evenings would be spent eating and heading back to my hotel room.  Glad I was completely wrong!

My husband joined me on this trip and suggested we see the Cirque du Soleil show in Downtown Disney.  At that point I don’t even think I checked it out online.  I basically told him to buy the tickets and I’d go.  If I had gotten online, I would have known that:

La Nouba is the meeting of two worlds poles apart: the fantastic world of the circus artists – the Cirques (circus people), sporting bright, fluorescent colours–and that of the Urbains (urbanites), who wear dark, monochromatic outfits. When these two worlds first make contact, the magic and amazing feats of the one set fire to the pale mundanity of the other.

My words aren’t adequate enough to describe what I saw.  All I can say is that your eyes will be wide with amazement, your heart will be racing and you’ll leave the theater wanting more.  The acrobatics are unbelievable.  Knowing that the human body can be manipulated in so many ways is astonishing.  I remember being most impressed with the strength moves that so many of the performances have mastered.  I can barely do a push up on m knees, they’re standing on one arm in perfect balance.  Here is a peak of the awesomeness that you’ll see when you attend the show.

This was the show that started my Cirque du Soleil fascination.  I’ve seen O, Zumanity and Ka and hopefully, I’ll get to see the Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour.  If you’re taking a vacation to Orlando, I highly suggest you check out La Nouba.  You won’t be disappointed.

East9thStreet was not compensated for this review.  Discounted tickets were provided in exchange for promotion.  The opinions expressed are 100% mine and yours may differ.


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  1. I would love to take the family to go see this show next time we’re in the area! Thanks a bunch for the info :)

  2. This show looks amazing! I can’t wait to take my kids to a cirque show. I’ll have to wait a few years though.

    • We’re taking my 15 year old step-son. He doesn’t seem that enthused about it but I think after he sees the show, his mind will change.

  3. this show looks great..I would love to see it! 

  4. We saw LaNouba 11 years ago and it was a trip we’ll never forget. The show was amazing and got me hooked on their shows. We almost didn’t make the show because our car broke down on the highway and because of the generosity of a stranger, we got a ride to the show in the nick of time and had to stay at a hotel for the night w/no change of clothes or toiletries. We then had to call a friend to pick us up the next day. We live an hour away from Disney. 
    It was definitely a birthday I’ll never forget!

    • Wow, that’s definitely a birthday you’ll never forget! I’m glad someone trustworthy stopped to help you. That’s my biggest fear, having car trouble and being stranded somewhere.

  5. I’ve always wanted to go to this. Whenever we are at Disney World my husband and I always want to sneak off. One day we will get to go. This show is on my ‘Bucket List’.

  6. This looks amazing! I would love to check it out!

  7. I have always wanted to see a Cirque show.  This one looks fantastic!

  8. I’ve always wanted to see a Cirque de Soleil show too, and we don’t live too far from Orlando. Do you have any tips on getting the best deal on tickets?


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