Natural Grocers Opens in West Wichita

natural grocers energy bars

West Wichita is in for a treat! Tomorrow, Natural Grocers opens their second location in the Wichita area at 13th and Maize. The new store is  stocked with a variety of products that stay true to the Natural Grocers brand. Natural Grocers is different from other health food stores I've frequented. At all of their stores, a credentialed Nutrition Health Coach (NHC) is on staff. The Nutrition Health Coach provides education not only for customers but also for the store employees and the … [Read more...]

Learn to Swim at 40


There are a lot of things that aren't cool. A fly in your glass of wine, not cool. When you dog leaves you a present in the basement, not cool. And when you're 40 years old and can't swim well enough to save your life, definitely not cool. According to my own definitions, I am not cool but that is ALL about to change because two weeks ago, I started taking swimming lessons. Let's just say the first night of lessons was a bit embarrassing. At the time my "adult" swim lessons started, about … [Read more...]

Create a Home Spa Experience

revelations rx face mask

Thank you to RevelationsRx for sponsoring today's post and for allowing me to try their skincare products. In my quest for a better 2015, I’m doing more things for me. I’ve signed up to run the Bentonville Half Marathon and ride the Dirty Kanza Half Pint this spring. I’m going to bed earlier (before midnight) which has led to actually waking up early enough to workout in the morning. I’m really trying to decrease my stress level by letting things go. One thing I let go a bit too much was … [Read more...]

Nutritional Supplements for Healthy Hair


Shedding. It's something my lab and I have in common. I used to complain about the amount of dog hair I would find in my house and then I realized, I tend to shed more than the dog. I thought this was normal, until I started to see the difference in my hair. Over the past few years, the number of "flyaways" that I have had increased and in general, my hair didn't feel as healthy as it did in my 30s, So instead of dealing with it, I did some research and discovered Hairfinity. Hairfinity is … [Read more...]

Tips for Getting Your Child to take Medicine

dr cocoa for children medicine

Ever notice how incredibly stealth and strong a child becomes when it's time to take medicine? Just as you grab the bottle from the medicine cabinet, those little boogers disappear into thin air. Then, once you find them (because we all know they can't keep quiet), you try to convince them to at least try the medicine. They look at you like you're crazy because the last time you gave them medicine it tasted like....medicine. So instead of negotiating you resort to sheer physical strength, only … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle tips

This year I turned 40. While I truly believe age is only a number, I also realize that things don't work like they used to. In my glory days I could stay out all night and then wake up early the next morning and run a personal best. I could eat fast food more times that I'd like to admit and never gain weight. I was never sick and didn't have to worry about things like flu shots and annual checkups. Now I have to do things a little differently. While I still am active and consider myself … [Read more...]

5 Hiking Tips for Women

5 hiking tips for women

This article, 5 Hiking Tips for Women is sponsored by Poise. In eight hours I will be loading into a car and driving in Glacier National Park to begin my backcountry hiking/camping adventure. In my backpack I have all the essentials: a sleeping bag, mattress pad, one-burner stove, rain gear and of course, food and water. I've also included a few items that some might consider non-essentials but I consider them very important for everyone's enjoyment of this trip. :) When you have to carry … [Read more...]

Does Liposonix Work: My Experience


When it comes to our bodies, most everyone has a problem area (or for some people areas) that has bugged them their entire lives. For me, that area is my stomach. No matter what my weight is or how much I work out, I can never seem to get rid of fat in that area. I've joked that if I had a bigger butt, I would be perfectly fine with the size of my gut but reality and genetics has proven that won't be in my future. For me, getting an invasive procedure like liposuction to shrink my stomach … [Read more...]

Les Mills Immersive Fitness

Les Mills Immersive Fitness

This is freaking cool. Seriously cool. Les Mills is taking group fitness classes to a whole new level with his Immersive Fitness Program. For those of you who know me, I don't get worked up about group fitness programs. I'll attend the occasional yoga class and a few weeks ago I tried a kickboxing class. I prefer running or biking because I can do it whenever the urge hits me. I don't have to adhere to class schedules or check to see if the "good" instructor is teaching the class. With … [Read more...]

Building Strong Bones Together with Viactiv


I believe it's never too young to start teaching our children healthy habits. As a mom of an almost 5 year old, I think it's important to not only teach her healthy habits but to also lead by example. Kids are impressionable at this age and as moms, we have to take advantage of this. That's why Brecken and I are building strong bones together. We're both doing it with a healthy diet and exercise and I've added a secret weapon: Viactiv. I'll be the first to admit growing up, I had terrible … [Read more...]