Johnson’s Baby Cares & Save The Children

Our family has been very fortunate that we've never encountered really hard times.  We've always known where our next meal is going to come from and providing the necessities for our family has never been an issue.  Even with occasional challenges in our financial situation (we've been subject to corporate downsizing and a lackluster economy like many have) we've managed to give back to various charitable organizations.  No matter how tough we think our situation it, there is always someone else … Read More>

Chicken Spaghetti #CBias

Easy Menu Planning With #CBias

Usually I make a weekly menu plan on Sunday evenings.  I've noticed by planning out our family's meals, not only am I better organized throughout the week, I also save money and get a variety of foods in our diets.  The foods that end up in my menu plans come a variety of sources.  Usually I'll include 1-2 "proven" family favorites, 2-3 new recipes that we haven't tried before and at least once a week I try to create my own spin on something whether it's spicing up a turkey burger or seeing what … Read More>

Insanity Fitness Challenge Weigh-In

Week 5 Insanity & Shakeology Fitness Challenge – This Week Rocked!

Seriously, it did.  And you want to know why?  See that number below?  That number means I lost 1.8 lbs from last week.  That number also means if I don't blow it the rest of the week by eating my weight in potato chips, at my next weigh-in I should slide in right under that 110 mark.  Haha, which reminds me of a guy that my friend Emily and I used to call 110.  Not because he weighed 110 lbs (though he was pretty skinny) but because he bragged about his shoes that cost $110. We had lots … Read More>

Rizzoli and Isles Season 2

Rizzoli and Isles Season 3 Starts June 5th on TNT

I always turn in for season finales.  It doesn’t matter if I’ve missed several episodes of the television show, the season finale always pulls me in and gets me excited for the next season.  There is always that element of surprise, that season ending cliffhanger that has me talking with all my friends. In the Season 2 finale of Rizzoli and Isles, the unthinkable happened.  In an exchange of gunfire, Jane ends up shooting Maura’s father.  Jane and Maura have a strong relationship but can one … Read More>

Sand Pail List

My Sand Pail List

When creating bucket lists were all the rage, I never made one.  Why?  Not because I didn't have a million things I wanted to do before I was too old to do them, more like I didn't want to be reminded of all the things I couldn't do for one reason or another.  I know, cup half empty, right?  Well, I came across this spin off idea of the bucket list in my Better Homes & Garden magazine (BTW, call me old for subscribing, I DON'T CARE, I LOVE IT) called a sand pail list.  Basically instead of … Read More>

Ohio BBQ Beef


We had an odd set-up at my last office.  My practice and a competing OB/GYN practice were on the same floor of our medical plaza.  When patients got off the elevator, they turned right to our office or left to theirs.  There were many confused patients and when I first started, even I was confused!  Our offices shared quite a few things, including the employee break room. The other Practice Director and I tried to organize events so our respective staffs would interact more with each other. … Read More>


New Clip From Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE: Fergus Shares A Legend

Everyone has someone in their family who does it.  They tell the same story over and over with the same passion and animation as the first time.  In my family, it's my husband.  He tends to repeat the same stories over until the entire family can recite them.  In Brave, Fergus gets to wear that distinction.  Check out a new clip from Disney/Pixar's Brave: Fergus Shares A Legend.   BRAVE opens in theaters everywhere on June 22nd!  Make sure to follow Brave on Facebook to keep up with … Read More>