Radio Rebel

Radio Rebel on DVD June 19

I find that I confess a lot of things on my blog.  Just a few days ago I shared with you the animated movie that always makes me tear up.  Well, now I'm about to admit to you something else that you probably wouldn't suspect about me. I'm a big fan of tween/teen shows. There.  I said it. I didn't know I was a fan until I had to learn all the kids television channels for my daughter.  Then I "caught" myself watching Jessie on the Disney Channel.  So of course when I had the opportunity … Read More>

Docking for a little fishing and family picnic at the marina.

Discover Boating and Create Memories

Some of my best memories revolve around boating.  There is the summer between high school and my first year of college that my friends and I spent the many days on Lake Red Rock without a care in the world and the first trip my husband and I took to Bonita Springs, Florida where we rented a pontoon boat and roamed around while attempting to fish.  But my favorite boating memory was last year's family vacation. We took a week long trip to Northern Ohio and spent time on my brother-in-law's … Read More>

Good Call User Manual

Good Call For iPhone

Two years ago I had a personal cell phone, business cell phone and a land line.  Clearly for someone who does not like to talk on the phone, that was just way too many devices.  Quitting my job eliminated the business cell phone and finally about six months ago, I got rid off the land line for good.  Now, I only have one phone to keep track of and I like it that way. For the longest time I was a Blackberry user.  I had no idea what I was missing until I got my first iPhone last summer.  My … Read More>

Odd Life of Timothy Green

The Odd Life of Timothy Green Trailer

I have a feeling when I finally see The Odd Life of Timothy Green that I'll probably cry.  It's a side-effect of having a kid.  Those emotions that never seemed to surface before come out at the most random of times.  What used to be reserved for only ASPCA commercials now even happens during animated movies.  The ending to Toy Story 3?  Rough. Directed by Peter Hedges and written by Ahmet Zappa (yes Frank Zappa's son), The Life of Timothy Green is a story about a childless couple who can't … Read More>

MAM Oral Care

Begin Your Oral Care Routine Early With MAM

Guest Post by Sarah Scott My father is a dentist, so I grew up knowing that oral care is very important.  Since proper oral care begins before the first tooth appears the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists suggests beginning an oral care routine at birth.  MAM makes a line of oral care products targeted to children from birth to age three.  Babies and children have oral care needs different from adults, so MAM has created products specific to those needs. It may seem … Read More>

Terrible iPhone photo but proof of my weight loss (& that I painted my toe nails).

Week 8 Insanity and Shakeology Fitness Challenge – I Made It!

This is a terrible photo but it's all that I have to prove I made below my 110 lb goal!  That's right, Sunday morning I weighed in at 108.9 lbs.  I usually do my weigh-ins on Monday morning but since I was leaving for Naples that morning, I decided to weigh and live with my results.  I'm glad I did. This week is my last week of the Insanity and Shakeology fitness challenge.  It's had it's ups and downs but thankfully, mostly downs (as in weight!).  I definitely feel like I'm in better … Read More>


What I Learned In My First Food Photography Class #CBias #Social Fabric

Today marks that last day of our 6 week Food Photography with Sony class.  We had a few hiccups along the way with the platform we were using but technical issues aside, this class rocked!  When I first began blogging, I had hopes of starting a food blog but knew in order to have a successful one, my pictures would need to be better than good, they needed to make you want to eat what you saw on the screen before you even knew what it was.  I'm happy to say with what I learned in my first food … Read More>


Food For Thought Friday – How to Use Fresh Ginger

As I try to trim the fat and calories from my diet, I find myself using more spices to kick up the flavor.  A spice that I've used sparingly (mostly in the dried form) in the past is ginger.  In my … Read More>

Asian Lettuce Wraps

  Photo Courtesy of Cooking Light I had a motive for making this recipe - I weighed myself!  Yes, aside from pregnancy, I weigh the most I have EVER in my life.  So its time … Read More>


Recipe Rave – Lime and Honey Glazed Salmon

On Christmas Eve my husband and I put down our little one, and cooked together!  Prior to Little B, we did this all the time.  Post Little B, we're lucky to cook a real meal (one consisting of more … Read More>