Chimpanzee Opens In Theaters Today!

DisneyNature's Chimpanzee opens in theaters on Friday, April 20th.  If you haven't heard about Chimpanzee, this is a movie that takes viewers deep into the African forest where they are introduced to a delightfully entertaining young chimpanzee named Oscar and his mom, Isha.  When a tragic incident occurs, Oscar's life is changed forever in a very remarkable way.  Narrated by Tim Allen (think Tool Time), this is definitely a family movie that you won't want to miss.  For everyone who attends the … Read More>

Terranium- final

Earth Day Crafts: Repurposing

Earth Day is quickly approaching.  There are several simple and easy crafts that you can do that not only reduce the amount of waste but look cute too!  Here are some of my favorite Earth Day crafts from around the blogosphere. Everyone (ok, almost everyone) uses canned goods.  How about making a cute little pencil holder for that craft room you've been wanting? VIA Everybody has glass bowls or vases around the house.  Why not use them as a planter? VIA Me!! … Read More>

Enchiladas - plated

Healthy Beef and Bean Enchiladas

I have no self-control when it comes to eating.  Give me a package of Reese's Peanut Butter cups and I'll give you empty wrappers.  McDonald's french fries?  I won't share.  So when I decided to embark on this little fitness challenge, I decided I had to find some new recipe sources.  I happened to stumble upon this great food blog, Can You Stay For Dinner?  Immediately I said YES!  I'll stay for dinner and breakfast and dessert! Finding healthy recipes that taste GOOD can be somewhat … Read More>

Image Credit: Champions for Kids

Abbott Nutrition Razorfest 2012

Abbott Nutrition Razorfest is being held on Saturday April 21, 2012 at Reynolds Razorback Stadium!  The fun kicks off at 10 am and runs until 2:00.  This event attracts well over 45,000 people each year to enjoy a free, fun family day with children and a red-white scrimmage with the Razorback football team. From their website: "When RazorFest first began in 2005, it began with an idea and a few inflatables. The idea is that people not only love football—people who love football love kids. … Read More>

Finished terranium

Repurposing Glass Bowls As Planters

Repurposing glass bowls as planters is an inexpensive and easy way to brighten up your home.  I've recently fell in love with terraniums.  Visually, I think they are more stunning than the typical pots I use around the house.  They also showcase the plants instead of competing with them.  And because I don't have the greenest thumb (it's brown on occasion) I like to think that when plants are group together in one pot, they give each other the will to live.  Or the suck the nutrients from one … Read More>

Photo Credit: Jose Picayo

Menu Plan Monday

This this point on, I'll need to get a little creative each week on Meal Plan Monday.  You see, I've committed to this little fitness challenge and one of my biggest struggles is watching what I eat.  Luckily I have two issues of Cooking Light that I haven't read yet and Pinterest.  Oh what would I do without Pinterest??  Maybe reconcile my bank statement, organize my craft room... Monday Turkey Burgers with low-calorie whole wheat English muffin dressed with salsa & red onion Steamed … Read More>

Pikes Peak Ascent 1999 - back when I was fit!

My Goodbye Pictures

Today I embark on a new journey.  A journey that will hopefully take my flabby abs and cultivate them into something that slightly resembles a six-pack.  Six-pack of what I'm not sure, but I'll take anything at this point.  A journey that will hopefully get rid of this horrid disease I have, AFAS (Asian Flat Ass Syndrome), and finally curb this diet pop addiction that I have.  So in anticipation of my new journey, I'm taking my goodbye pictures. Now some people call them "before" pictures … Read More>